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Larabee's new learning methodology competes for speed to knowledge and command of skill.

The knowledge gap isn't a problem. It's a trillion dollar symptom.

The real culprit is that all forms of knowledge are treated the same. Larabee disrupts this fiction.

Transforming information into embodied knowledge.

Larabee gathers all the puzzle pieces of expert knowhow and turns them into exemplary learning experiences.


The way to knowhow starts here.

You need a powerful vehicle to share knowledge. Your audience needs a learning solution that unlocks their potential.

Larabee is the medium that makes that happen.
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Speed to KnowledgeProvide results right now.

Larabee alleviates the burden of time and money spent on training, which means higher engagement and more accuracy.

Why choose Us?

Audience EngagementKeep them learning.

We help strengthen the bond between you and your employees and customers, resulting in increased lifetime value.

Why choose Us?

Competitive EdgeStay ahead and be prepared.

Larabee creates innovative opportunities for new revenue streams, cross-platform integrations, and strategic partnerships.

Why choose Us?

Consistency & ReliabilityStandards support better results.

A reliable, cloud-based and feature-rich learning framework will get you noticed and bring the education results you need.

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Larabee's vision for the future of learning and training changes the game. Their ability to draw out all the accumulated knowledge and experiences of experts and adapt them in a way where learners can soar is incredibly exciting.

Jimmy T. Martin and Johnny Adamic Co-founders of Brrrn

As someone who investigates both historical and contemporary intersections of food and science, I can tell you this: the most successful and lasting innovations are the ones that prioritize the emotional needs of the home cook...If anyone can be entrusted to engineer real change in home cooking, it's her.

Amy Bentley Historian and Professor of Food Studies, NYU

Working with the Larabee team was an amazing experience. Recording instructional and insightful content seemed like a daunting task, but they knew exactly how to help frame our story and bring out the best in us. The production team was exceptional and the final product was polished, professional and impactful in ways we are still discovering.

Teresa Wessling Georgetown Tobacco

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