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We have created a learning solution committed to enabling discovery and deepening knowledge.

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Unlock the Wonders of Procedural Knowledge

Purposefully curated lessons complete with insights, tips, tricks and micro-narratives make learning more meaningful, engaging and lasting.

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We are Larabee

We are disrupting the procedural learning space. Yaaaaayyyyy! Woohooooo!

We love cinnamon rolls, but procedural knowledge is our passion.

Making cinnamon rolls from scratch is notoriously difficult to master, but presented in the right framework, the lesson can be more impactful, informative and insightful. Explore Rebecca Miller Ffrench's Sinful Cinnamon Rolls lesson, dive into her tips, techniques and stories to experience the Larabee difference for yourself.
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The Good Stuff

Learning Built Better

Voice-powered navigation, intelligently looping videos, seamlessly embedded insights, guided course creation and a robust admin experience are some highlights.

Made for Humans

High-Touch & High-Tech

Larabee takes human-centered design seriously. This means delivering a modern experience responsive to the needs and demands of human behavior.

Consume & Create

Track & Measure

Behind the scenes is a dynamic dashboard offering custom analytics, revenue and retention data along with other valuable content creation tools.

Larabee in Action

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Larabee is where timeless apprentice-style teaching methods meet the dispersive power of digital media. Larabee prioritizes the habits, needs, and wants of both experts and learners.

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Larabee delivers on successful execution, lasting knowhow, and deepened relationships. Whether your audience consists of customers or employees, our ideal partners are companies and organizations where skills are in demand and innovation blooms.

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What People are Saying

Customer Testimonails

I used Larabee to make a complicated dessert for a Christmas party, and it was a smashing success. The next week I tried to make cookies from a packaged mix using their instructions and ended up with one giant burnt cookie. I need more Larabee in my life.

Jeff C. Working Dad
Customer Testimonails

We used to train our employees on complex procedures with textbooks and videos in classrooms. Now we understand that those methods are antiquated, ineffective, and boring. Sharing knowledge can be alive and fun and effective. Larabee is a key to unlocking reservoirs of potential.

Sharon P L&D Director
Customer Testimonails

Zero learning curve. Totally intuitive. Also: hands free, immersive, and so absorbing I was in a state of 'flow' before I knew it.

Mike L Employee